Electromagnetic sensitivity: British DJ claims to be allergic to Wi-Fi


A British DJ (well, ex-DJ), Steve Miller, claims to be allergic to Wi-Fi. As such, he’s had to spend recent days hiding away in his house, away from any and all Wi-Fi signals. Supposedly he’s one of the 2 percent of people who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity.

Never mind that Wi-Fi runs at 2.4GHz, the same frequency as Bluetooth, cordless phones, and a whole host of other household appliances.

Never mind that this study has been carried out in the past:

Yes, they’ve tested it many times. No correlation found. The way they tested it was easy. They wheeled a scary looking device covered in antennas, and the people reacted in pain whenever the green light came on. The only trouble is, it was a big inert piece of metal. The only electronics in it were, well, the LED to show it was “on”. Meanwhile, under the dropped ceiling there was an actual massive wifi antenna that would randomly blanket the room in “evil radiation”, and they were completely unaware. In other words, they only react to wifi at all if they “know” it’s there, even when it isn’t.

Now, it could well be that Mr. Miller suffers from sort of psychological condition, in which case his complaints could well be valid—whenever he’s near Wi-Fi, it pains him. There’s no physical reason for his reaction, in other words.

Or, perhaps, he’s the first man on earth with this condition, for real. A “Steve Miller Disease,” if you will. In that case, Godspeed.