Solar pool cleaner works all day long, won't come between you and your wife

solar skimmer

Apparently this whole “solar power” thing really works. Case in point, this Solar-Breeze apparatus uses solar power to clean your pool all day long and, aside from keeping your pool clean, it cuts down on the amount of time your pool’s pump has to be running since it grabs gunk and leaves before they get sink to the bottom and get sucked into the grate.

According to the product site:

“The Solar-Breeze is an intelligent, solar powered, robotic swimming pool surface skimmer, combined with a swimming pool Chemical Dispenser.

It operates on solar power alone, and on internal storage batteries, charged by direct sunlight.

Requires NO external power source and costs ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to operate.

The Solar-Breeze operates without the need of pool pumps saving you 2/3 the pool’s electricity cost. Since the pool stays cleaner with the Solar-Breeze, your pool’s chlorine requirements will be reduced.”

Looks like this thing’s been around for a while, but my internet connection has been really slow lately. Like a year or two behind. Anyhoo, it’s sold at Hammacher for $499 if you’ve got a pool and you feel okay freeloading off the poor old sun to keep it clean.

The First Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo!]