Sony outs two 400 disc Blu-ray MegaChangers

We knew that Sony was working on Blu-ray MegaChangers since CEDIA 2008, but we didn’t know that it would take almost a full year to get our hands on ’em. Anyway, here they are: the $800 BDP-CX960 and the $1900 BDP-CX7000ES. What’s the difference you say? Well, actually, plenty – not $1,100 worth, but there is a difference.

The primary difference between the two chargers is the target market. The $1900 model comes as a Sony ES product. That means this guy is equipped with RS-232, IR-in, and Gacenote support, which downloads album art and relative info. Folks that spend real big bucks on home automation are accustomed to getting raped for their laziness. These are also the same people that will spend $1500+ on a universal remote.

The $800 BDP-CX960 is the working man’s changer. It doesn’t have all that fancy-pants home automation crap. It just holds 400 of your favorite Blu-ray, DVD or CDs. That’s all.

If you’re one of those that collection physical media is your pride and joy, expect these models to be available in August.