CrunchDeals: A free flat panel mounting system from Moen


Wanna try out a stud-free flat panel TV mount? Sure, why not. Moen is giving away a set for free through August 11, 2009. This TV mounting system doesn’t require a wall stud and uses the magic of physics to keep your TV on the wall. Or so Moen says…

Just yesterday, there was a hot conversation in the CrunchGear chatroom about mounting a large frame Devin found in some Seattle dumpster. The common piece of advice was to ensure that he mounted the 20lb piece of junk to a stud. Nonsense, I said. Drywall will hold it just fine with the right anchor or a properly drove nail.


The Moen system works just like a large anchor by bracing itself on the drywall. The company claims that it should hold a TV up to 150lbs and I’m inclined to believe it.

Moen via CEPro