Spotlight GPS is Big Brother for your pets (in a good way!)

Do you have a dog that constantly gets away from you? Do you hate chasing your dog through your neighborhood, your cheeks burning with shame as your neighbors watch you yet again running down the street in your socks? If so, a new GPS-based pet location service may be worth your time.

For awhile now you’ve been able to register Fido with a variety of location services, but the entire process has been decidedly low-tech, and relied on the good will of strangers. If someone picks up your dog, they can call an 800 number listed on your dog’s tags, and provide your dog’s unique identifier. The folks staffing this phone number then call you, and tell you your dog has been found. What if your dog isn’t found at all, let alone found by someone friendly enough to call the 800 number?

Spotlight GPS solves all these problems, and more. With a special GPS collar, you can always know where your pet is. We’ve seen this kind of technology before, but it’s mostly been geared toward obsessive parents who want to spy on keep track of their kids. I don’t like that kind of invasive monitoring for kids, but I have no qualms about tracking the location of a dog!

The Spotlight service allows you to define safe zones in your geographic area in which its okay for your dog to be. If the dog strays outside of these zones, you can get a text or email to alert you. You can get turn-by-turn directions when you’re out trying to recover your wayward pet. There’s even a beacon light on the collar that you can use to spot your dog from up to 100 yards away, which you can turn on simply by sending a text message. And a team of dedicated dog spotters can be available to help your recovery efforts 24/7. That’s pretty impressive!