SIMbook takes SIM card concept and makes it much more work


Oh I get it. It’s a SIMbook. Like how a SIM card that holds your phone numbers on your cell phone except it’s a phone book that you write phone numbers in by hand. Clever.

Also weird, though, because if you understand how a SIM card works, you probably have a cell phone and, thus, no need for a handwritten phone book. Maybe you’re really into irony and going against society’s grain and whatnot.


There’s also a regular SIMbook with blank pages that can be used to jot down notes. It doesn’t quite have the same “I work at an interactive agency and wear blazers over vintage tees” vibe as the phone book version but that’s a problem for our friends in the UK to grapple with, as the SIMbooks are only available there.

They cost £3.49 each for those of you keeping score.

SIMbook address book and SIMbook notebook [SpinningHat via Nerd Approved]