Palm looking for a 3D graphics engineer for WebOS. Take a hint.

Here’s an interesting job opening at Palm, posted exclusively on recruitment network Mary Margaret: apparently the company is looking for a graphics engineer who will work on webOS, the Linux-powered operating system that powers the Pre. More specifically, the company is looking for a Game Frameworks Engineer with development experience in the game industry and preferably with knowledge of 3D graphics and 3D gaming technologies.

Just last month, ITWorld reported on a ‘sizeable number of folks’ involved in Pre hacking, and mentioned that some have managed to port a version of Doom, the classic first-person 3D shooter game, to the Pre. In the article, Eric Marthinsen, partner with software house Agile Commerce, commented:

β€œIt does demonstrate that whoever got it working was able to interface with the system at a pretty low level,” he says. β€œI have seen Doom for the iPhone, but on the iPhone you have lower-level access, which is why there are a ton of 3D apps for it. The Pre doesn’t really have any 3D capabilities that are exposed through Mojo. I’m extremely eager to develop some 3D apps for it, so this is especially interesting to me.”

The job opening suggests Marthinsen will soon be able to start developing for an OS/phone that includes hardware-accelerated graphics essential for games and other graphically intensive applications.

As far as we can tell, the job opening is nowhere to be found on the Palm website, but the description posted on Mary Margaret is fairly detailed:

Game Frameworks Engineer

Design, implement, debug, and optimize frameworks for game development

Software development experience in game industry; preferred candidate would possess knowledge of 3D graphics, including hardware graphics pipelines and programmable shaders.
Familiarity with 3D games and gaming technologies expected.
5+ years relevant experience
Must be self-directed, analytical and efficient at communication
BSCS/EE or equivalent

CrunchGear earlier reported that webOS 1.1 is on its way, and recently opened up the Mojo SDK for all.

(Via Palm Info Center)