10 years ago today, Halo debuted at MacWorld

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Where were you 10 years ago today? Where were you July 21, 1999, to be redundant? (Me? I can guarantee that I was reading and refreshing wrestlezone.com.) In any event, you should know that 10 years ago Microsoft debuted Halo at MacWorld. Oh, how times have changed.

Reddit has a decent conversation going—Reddit is the last of the digg-like sites with still semi-coherent discussions—regarding the game’s impact and so forth. Chief among them: Halo was the first console first-person shooter to actually do things “right.” I think when saying this we’re tacitly acknowledging that GoldenEye was actually the first console first-person shooter to do things “right,” followed by Perfect Dark, which was more of the same, except with an at-times-terrible framerate.

Anyway, thank you, Halo. Your multi-player mode has given millions of young teens the opportunity to shout profanity at total strangers from the comfort of their bedroom. For that, we honor you.

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