T-Mobile's Open Box Pricing


Looking for a discounted newish cell phone on T-Mobile? You might be in luck if the particular model you wish to purchase has been returned in mass quantities. It looks like T-Mobile started rolling out their “T-Mobile Certified Open Box” program, which offers a pretty hefty discount on phones that have been returned within the allotted time (30 days).

In fact, the discount on the Sony Ericsson TM506 isn’t bad; the Open Box discount knocks off an additional $95 on top of the $50 Web rebate dropping it down to $15. The Samsung Behold gets a whopping $270 discount and drops down to $80. Not bad. Open Box devices can be purchased online or at T-Mobile stores, so you might want to check in every now and then to see if you can’t grab a BlackBerry, G1, or another high-end phone.

T- Mobile via TMoNews