Quick Look: HTC Hero


The HTC Hero just landed at my humble office/abode and I’m pleased to report that it is, in fact, all that and a packet of crisps. The phone is slim and sexy with a great UI – one of the best I’ve seen on a smartphone since the phone that starts with ‘i’ and ends with Phone – and it’s quite snappy, a huge improvement over my experience with the G1.


I’m going to put this old girl through her paces this weekend and I’ll report back on my findings. Until then, feast your eyes on these photographs taken in my back yard.

Initial findings? I love the widget systems, especially the Bell & Ross-style clocks and the 5-megapixel AF camera is a real treat. The onscreen keyboard takes some getting practice. To type numbers and special characters you’re expected to hold down the letter until a small window pops up. You can then let go to make the number appear. I’ll do a video later to show you.

Otherwise, I’m finally excited about Android. This is running Cupcake with an amazing skin.