DIY: Make your own glowing glass jar

504x_dsc_0842The sun jar is a pretty cool item. I mean, it glows, looks cool, and it’s a solar powered light. I actually have one of these I bought for my son to use as a nightlight. We even covered these about a month ago — there’s a site in the UK that sells them from about $33 US, plus shipping.

So you don’t want to spend the money to have one shipped from the UK? Build one yourself. Lifehacker posted a set of instructions for converting a solar powered lawn light into a jar, and it looks pretty easy to do.

All the parts to build one will cost you about $45 (slightly more than the other one, oops), but when you’re done you’ll end up with a pretty neat light. If you build one, post a picture of it here, I’d like to see what you come up with.

Update:My bad. The original article does say that you can get the parts to make your own for about $11 each. Now it’s an even better deal!