G1 Rumors: Visual Voicemail? Check. Exchange email? Ehhh.


For some, these latest rumors are a reason to celebrate. For others, it’s time for sorrow. That’s why I used the “Happy face/sad face” theater clown masks. It’s symbolic.

The usually accurate TmoNews says they’ve got it on good word that G1 owners have a new toy to get excited about: T-Mobile Visual Voicemail. According to their tipster, visual voicemail should come by way of a downloadable application.

Unfortunately, the same whisperer goes on to say that G1 owners should stop holding their breath for Exchange support. While it looks likemyTouch owners will be getting Exchange by way of the “Work Email” app, there are currently no T-Mobile/Google-endorsed plans to bring the app to the G1. Wait – so if you want Exchange on Android, you have to go with a phone that lacks a physical QWERTY keyboard?

Update: As commenter thelazzyone points out, you can get Exchange on your G1 by taking the Mail APK file that has been ripped from the Hero and installing it on your G1. Not official, but it’s easy and seems to work! More info here.