DIY: Build your own portable 12v air conditioner

caracIf you’re like me, and have a car with no air conditioning, you’ve considered some pretty insane ideas for getting some cool air inside your vehicle. Well there are some incredibly expensive options out there, in some ways it would probably be easier to buy a new car. If you don’t want to take it to that extreme, you could always build one of the units described on a recent posting to the instructables site.

As someone with lives in Nevada, I can tell you that water is quite an efficient device for cooling. My entire home is kept cool during the summer by using an evaporative cooling system, and it’s quite effective. This uses a similar system, except with chilled water instead of just evaporation. I’m actually intended to build one of these, since owning a car without air conditioning can be quite inconvenient when it reaches 100+ degrees here in Nevada.