Tesla shows off the new Roadster Sport


Maybe the 0-60 mph in 3.9-second Tesla Roadster isn’t quick enough for some folks. Maybe some trust fund babies want to spend an extra $20k to improve that time to only 3.7-seconds. Well, Tesla unvealed the Roadster Sport today at the companies first NYC dealership just for them. This model will cost $128k.¬†We already knew that this model was coming – along with the NYC dealership – but how about a quick recap?

The new Sport model features a a hand-wound stator and the winding density was increased. The hand winding allows more wires to be used within the electromagnet, which in turns allows for more current to hit each segment increasing the current. The higher current then spins the attacted rotor faster and sends the Tesla Roadster Sport to 60MPH faster than a $194k Porsche 911 GTS. And remember, the all-electric Tesla doesn’t use any gasoline while kicking the pants off of a Porsche.