Fonera+ gets upgraded to 2.0, adds built-in torrent download and upload services, other goodies


As you recall Fon makes wireless routers for sharing. You install the Fon node in your house, share it with others, and then are given access to other Fonera routers around the world. It’s sort of a viral Wi-Fi community.

Now, however, the Fonera is incredibly more interesting. The device can now access web services without the aid of a computer, allowing you to download torrents and “content” as well as upload to multiple services just by plugging in a USB key. The router also can be used as a webcam or print server and can connect to a 3G or HSDPA node and share the connection over Wi-Fi. It also supports 802.11n and acts as a wireless NAS with remote browsing capabilities. In short, the router just got much smarter.

The router is now basically a small computer. The 2.0 has been in beta since October and has an applications development platform for hackers. The current applications include:

1. Finder for Fonera 2.0: App that will allow you to navigate though the USB Hard Disc on the Fonera 2.0 from any Mac/Windows computer.
2. GSpace for Fonera 2.0: App that will synchronize GSpace 2Gb data with your Fonera 2.0 USB Disk GSpace Folder (
3. Backup Application: Auto-Backup application with MAC/Windows/Linux client that will automatically incremental backups of your notebook when you get connected to Fonera 2.0
4. Azureus Client: App that will allow you to manage your BitTorrents from your Fonera 2.0
5. UMTS Modem Support: App that will allow you to use a USB HSDPA modem to connect to the Internet and then send WiFi for your devices to connect to it. Ideal for Nintendo and PSP addicts!
6. YouTube uploading tool: Get your video into the USB HDD on your Fonera 2.0 and close your computer, all the long uploading will be done by this App on Fonera 2.0 and you save power!
7. USB Audio Support: App that will allow you to add a small USB Audio Card dongle and stream your music from your Fonera 2.0 to your HiFi.

The device costs $39.95 for the Fonera+ model and includes three weeks of free Fon access so you can use Fon hotspots around the world while you wait. You have complete control over how much bandwidth you’re willing to share.