Fujifilms's 3D camera is expensive, will probably not catch on

3d_camera_0720We like innovative products as much as the next nerd, but we’re thinking that Fuji might be beyond its time with this 3D camera. It sounds sweet. The Fujifilm camera can produce 3D pics by using two lens that are spaced out a lot like human eyes. It then uses fancy software to combine the two images into one 3D picture that can then be viewed on either a special digital photo frame or on a special Fujifilm print. But the whole system is too expensive, which is a damn shame.

The 10MP point and shoot digital camera will cost $600 when it launches. That sets the camera in DSLR territory and well above even high quality pocket cams from Nikon and Canon. Most peeps will probably opt for a more traditional camera at that price. I would.

Plus, the 3D photo frames isn’t going to be cheap either. It creates the 3D effect without the need of special glasses by directing two images at the the left and right eye. Sounds expensive, huh?

Lastly, about the prints. He’s a quote from the Time article,

“We know that if it’s over 500 yen [$5] per photo, it probably won’t sell,” says Takeshi Higuchi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division.

Hells no consumers will not buy a $5 photo. They might not even spend $1 per 3D photo. Okay, maybe a few times, but eventually the novelty will wear off.

It probably isn’t mark-up or greed that is pricing this 3D camera ecosystem so high. Oh no, it’s probably the expensive technology that previously wasn’t available to consumers. Don’t misunderstand this, we’re all for the latest digital camera technology, but this system is probably ahead of its time and will likely flounder in the marketplace because of the price. Now, if the camera was around $300-$400, this post might be a lot different…