Canon uses augmented reality HMD system to enhance product design process

Augmented reality (AR), also known as mixed reality, is currently a hot topic in the technology world after it has been regarded as too futuristic for the last couple of years. The idea has been around for quite some time now: Combine the real world with computer-generated data, for example graphics.

But it probably takes companies of Canon‘s caliber to raise awareness that AR isn’t some second “virtual reality” hype but has the potential to become a technology that can change our lives. The company is stepping up research in this area, as demonstrated during a virtual reality expo that took place in Tokyo last month.


Canon has showcased a head-mounted AR display that’s being used to simplify product design in the company. It will be available for use for the general public from next Saturday, too. Canon will be organizing an AR dinosaur exhibition [JP] in Chiba near Tokyo, and people can use the displays to view a number of computer-generated dinos that are up to 35m long.

The video below explains the product design part in more detail: