Solar-powered flashlight features LEDs, lithium-ion battery


When the power goes out and you finally find your flashlight, it’s invariably out of batteries. Soon you’ll be able to buy a solar-powered flashlight from Chinavasion. It’s got a built-in lithium-ion battery and uses white LEDs with a rated life of 50,000 hours.

It could very well be the last flashlight you ever own — assuming, of course, you don’t misplace it somewhere in your house like I have with every flashlight in the history of portable illumination.

The “Solar LED Flashlight” is still in “coming soon” status and must initially be purchased two at a time. No pricing info yet, unfortunately, but as long as it’s reasonable, this thing might be worth a closer look.

UPDATE: They’re $9.79 each — not bad at all.

Be sure to have plenty of beer on hand for that impending power outage, too. Preferably Carlsberg. Ah subliminal marketing, you’ve done it again!

Solar LED Flashlight [Chinavasion]