Qik Launches Push API, Mobile-To-Mobile Video Streaming

Mobile video streaming service Qik has just announced a new Push API at today’s Realtime CrunchUp in Redwood City. The new API, which is currently in private beta, offers a firehose of new Qik content that will allow developers to immediately update their apps with new Qik videos as they come in. Depending on the app, users will now be able to specify which Qik users, tags, or locations they’d like to follow and immediately get an update once a video matching that criteria goes live.

Alongside the new API, Qik is also allowing select mobile phones to stream live video directly from the web (previously you’ve been restricted to watching archived clips from mobile devices). Unfortunately the iPhone doesn’t support live mobile viewing at this point (you can still only watch archived clips), but Qik will be supporting Nokia and Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones. This is especially cool because you’ll be able to receive immediate push notifications on supported phones, and immediately jump into the phone’s mobile browser to start watching the video.

You can see an example of what the API can do here, which shows a list of the latest Qik videos being posted on Qik, updated in real-time. Qik is also releasing an open-source Adobe AIR app that will offer similar functionality. Developers that are interested in joining the private beta can request access by contacting api@qik.com.