Be careful what you read about the Hadopi Router


So the Hadopi Router is currently swirling about the Internet. Be careful what you read!

The router, called the Hadopi Router, was initially reported by Le Monde, France’s paper of record. That article is rubbish, it turns out. The story was that a hacker space in Paris had created the router in order to prove how futile it’d be to enforce the Hadopi law.

The fact of the matter is that the hacker group, /tmp/lab, have been working on a custom firmware, based on OpenWRT, that’s called HostileWRT. When a compatible router is flashed, it’s able to automate the process of cracking wireless security passwords. The whole point of the exercise is to prove that wireless security is largely a joke—I cracked a Wi-Fi network last year in Barcelona, and ended up saving my roommates several euros in the process.

The HostileWRT firmware isn’t available to download yet.