Another MacBook Pro issue? ‘Clicking and beeping’ noises could be caused by hard drive conflict


Yet another possible glitch affecting the MacBook Pro, this time having to do with “strange clicking and beeping noises.” It seems that several people with the 7200 RPM hard drive (the Seagate Momentus 7200.4) have reported those “clicking” issues, as well as general performance issues. Can’t have that.

Apple hasn’t addressed the issue, and trips to the Apple Store to fix the problem haven’t quite worked out. Other World Computing—they sell Mac stuff—says the problem could be caused by the Seagate hard drive’s “G Fore” technology, which could be conflicting with the MacBook Pro’s built-in anti-shock protection. As a result, the hard drive may well be spinning up and down frequently, thus reducing performance and quite possibly shortening the life of the drive itself.

Solutions? 1) Deal with it. 2) Get a different hard drive, one without G Force. 3) Spend even more money and get a solid state drive.