Don't Copy That Floppy 2 is a load of rubbish

Put on your “WTF?!” hats, friends, as we watch this preview of Don’t Copy That Floppy 2. As you might imagine, it’s an anti-piracy video that’s supposed to teach people that Copyright Infringement is very, very wrong. It is a load of liquidy garbage.

The video opens with a scene from the classic comedy Don’t Copy That Floppy. “Hey, I’m too young for a life of crime.”

We’re then whisked into the present day. Some punk kid is on “The Pirate Palace,” presumably downloading Hit Songs and Hit Movies, wily nilly. But the, before you know it, soldiers (or is it police officers? Same difference, right?) burst through the front door, attack the kid’s mother (who attempts to fight back); the family is dragged away in handcuffs; the punk kid is then thrown into prison, where he has trouble making friends with the rest of the prison population.

Look, just because you download Relapse off some Torrent site doesn’t mean a death squad is going to break into your house, beat your family members senseless, then drag you off in handcuffs. (Who would want to live in such a country?)

The video, which was apparently produced by the SIIA, makes the mistake of trying to equate downloading a song with, I don’t know, first degree murder. You know, they’re both crimes and all.

I eagerly await the release of the full video.

via Slashdot