The Europas Shortlist: Best Entertainment Application or Service (EMEA)

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The Europas Shortlist: Best European / Real World Gadget (EMEA)

The Europas, the European Startup Awards 2009 for European and EMEA tech companies, will be held on July 9 in London. Over 400 entrants were voted on by the industry and these results merged with those from 19 expert advisors.

Here are the shortlisted nominees in alphabetical order:

Moshi Monsters

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  • Mircea @

    Go eRepublik!!

  • Toby Moore

    For some reason the company profile of Mind Candy, the company behind Moshi Monsters hasn’t been included with the other 4… so here it is!

  • Mike

    Go SoundCloud!

  • Cristi Badea

    eRepublik FTW


    MINDY 4TW!!!!111one

  • unknown user


  • Samer El Masri Daou

    Playfish deserves to win they have do a lot of amazing work on educated and friendly games for all ages.. Gluck ;)

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