Obama On The Go: Clippz Launches Mobile Channel For White House Videos

Clippz, a fledgling video startup with offices in the UK and Princeton, NJ, offers a platform for mobile videos that eliminates the need for a carrier network. It’s a very basic service: it essentially lets you select your current mobile phone on its website and based on your selection it allows you to download the most fitting version of any mobile video on its platform to your computer. You can then ‘sideload’ (transfer the data of) the video with the best quality for your mobile device directly onto the phone via USB, Bluetooth or simply by means of a swappable memory card.

This morning, Clippz dedicated a channel to material from the Obama Administration. Aptly named, ‘The White House’ channel offers mobile-optimized videos from the official White House YouTube channel for download, free of charge. Clippz’ Mobile Video Platform delivers video in multiple formats that cover the vast majority of mobile devices from cellphones to portable media players and smartphones. The videos play on the standard media players found in each device, which means no additional software needs to be installed.

If you want to get your fix of streaming President Obama on the go, Clippz’ new channel is definitely worth a second look, even if it’s kind of weird to even consider downloading videos to your computer in this age of streaming. Which the startup humorously address in the about section of their website:

“While the rest of the world focuses on the delivery of mobile video via mobile networks, we prefer to focus on delivery via sideloading. Sometimes we wonder whether we’re crazy, but most of the time we just think that the rest of the world is crazy. After all, we can serve more devices, in more places than any mobile network and all at no cost to the user. What’s crazy about that?”

Clippz is funded by angel investors and is looking to score another round of funding with institutional investors.