Video: Sega Toys' new projector brings fireworks show to your living room


Sega Toys Japan yesterday unveiled the Uchiagehanabi, a device that brings fireworks indoors. And it’s not only the visuals but also the corresponding sounds (shots, explosions etc.) you get in your very home. The device uses the wall or a ceiling as a backdrop for projecting fireworks patterns.

Sega Toys says that some of the images are as wide as 1.5m, and users can even create remixes of their favorite patterns to get personalized fireworks displays. It’s also possible to “draw” patterns by yourself and let the Uchiagehanabi project them onto your living room wall.


The device comes pre-installed with 55 patterns of various sizes and colors, and users can “program” the Uchiagehanabi in various ways to create fireworks displays (there are 5 customizable projection lenses).

The projector is Japan-only (available starting August 1), but the Japan Trend Shop already lets you pre-order it for $168. Two things are fair regarding this offer: The device will retail over here for almost the same price and the shop lets you pre-order without you having to pay upfront. They will send you an email once the projector is available and then you can decide again if you want to buy it or not (this is a new option introduced by the shop today).

Watch the fireworks projector in action in the video below.

Via Kaden Watch [JP]