MyDeskFriend: Creepy Facebook connected Penguin robot


Here we have a robotic penguin named MyDeskFriend from Arimaz. MDF is an interactive robot that connects to your Facebook account and is akin to the Tamagotchi, but the level of interactivity goes beyond yourself and infiltrates your entire Facebook friend list.


The desktop companion is able to read Facebook messages to you and it has the ability to memorize 10-15 voice commands. It’s free to roam about your desk and the five IR sensors ensure it doesn’t roll off and start a ruckus with the dust bunnies near your power strip. The little bastard even responds to physical poking and shaking. If you manage to piss it off its eyes will glow red and destroy your retinas. So make sure its eyes are always yellow or else.

MyDeskFriend is shooting for a September launch for $99. I totally want one.

MyDeskFriend via GetRobo via Technabob