Glubble Scores $1 Million, Simplifies Photo Sharing With Your Family

Glubble, social network for families, is launching several new features to improve photo sharing within its social network for families. Formerly a Firefox plug-in that let parents control what websites kids could visit online, Glubble evolved into a social network that resembles a FriendFeed but for families. Glubble has also raised $1 million in Series B funding from European investors, bringing the site’s total funding to $4 million.

Glubble lets families set up a private family home page where they can leave messages on the message wall, create online photo albums and organize their familyʼs schedule using the family events feature to post appointment, birthdays, holidays and reminders.

Glubble has always let users post photos to their families’ site, but the network has launched a useful tool called the “Family Timeline,” which provides visual navigation of family photos, events and messages through a timeline. Glubble has also created a new Toolbar interface (a Firefox plug-in) which provides families real- time message and events updates from the Family Page.

Currently, Glubble has 300,000 “family pages,” on it’s site and is still small. Glubble plans to make money from a freemium model, which will let families pay $39.95 for more storage space for photos.

Glubble’s interface and photo sharing features are easy to use but there are a plethora of social networks for families and it may be tough to differentiate itself in such a crowded space. Competitors include Cozi, Geni, and