Video Demo: Sugar on a Stick turns your old computer into an OLPC


Got an old sack o’ crap laptop or desktop gathering dust? Sugar Labs has just made its OLPC-friendly “Sugar” operating system into a USB-bootable version called Sugar on a Stick. You’ll need a one-gigabyte thumb drive and about twenty minutes of spare time.

The full instructions can be found here. You’ll basically need to download Sugar on a Stick in ISO form, then use Fedora LiveUSB Creator to “burn” the ISO to the USB thumb drive. Once that process is complete, stick the thumb drive in the old computer’s USB port and boot the machine up (make sure your BIOS is set to boot from USB).

Here’s a little demo video:

Sugar Labs Announces Immediate Availability of Sugar on a Stick; Learning Platform Runs on Any PC or Netbook In The Classroom [ via Slashdot]

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