PerfectForm Launches On Demand Form Creation Software

PerfectForms, a company that lets businesses build online forms, surveys and applications without any code, is launching a cloud-based software service to accompany its on-premise offering. PerfectForms lets anyone create custom web-based forms for a variety of tasks, from simple HR routines like vacation requests or new hires, to intricate product management projects.

Using a drag and drop editor, you can easily build forms within minutes. The forms can be integrated with LDAP, databases and other existing CRMs. The software and on-premise solution give users automatic reminders when action is required in forms and will create customized detailed reports on data, project tracking and workflow.

Tom Allanson, CEO of PerfectForms, says that the cloud-based offering may be appealing to enterprises because there’s no software or hardware to maintain, no upfront investment, and best of all, the cost is only $30 per month per license. The on-premise solutions costs $600 per license. That being said, businesses have to feel comfortable with putting confidential and sensitive information in the cloud, which could be an issue for many enterprises. Competitors in this space include Oracle’s PeopleSoft.