Howard Stern not on the Sirius XM iPhone app because of ‘contractual rights thing’


So how’s the Sirius XM iPhone app treating you? I hear good things! (Remember: I don’t have an iPhone, and I never will.) But here’s something that probably should be brought up: the lack of Howard Stern. He’s not my cup of tea, and my loyalties lie elsewhere, as you know, but to deny his show’s importance to Sirius XM is silly. Anyway, Mr. Stern explained yesterday why his show is nowhere to be found on the iPhone app. Citing a “contractual rights thing,” Mr. Stern then said he hopes to be on the app “one day.” Hoo hoo.

And, really, who benefits by not having Stern on the app? Certainly not Sirius XM (even though the app has been downloaded like whoa without the show), which wouldn’t mind all those iPhone users out there buying a Sirius XM subscription. Same thing with Stern: you’d think that a radio broadcaster would want to reach as large an audience as possible—the iPhone helps there, right? Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the future

(And what lazy reporter thought that naughty content would preclude Howard Stern from being included? Playboy Radio is on the app, as is The Virus, which includes Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez, two shows that use naughty language and talk about “adult” things.)

In any event, there’s no time frame for when to expect Stern.

I wouldn’t worry about it.