EZGrill: The $5 single-use grill


I live on the top floor of a third-floor walkup with no balcony in the middle of Boston. That doesn’t mean I don’t like grilling, though. Granted, I can’t really grill nor do I have any use for a grill, but maybe someday I’ll want to grill somewhere else. What? Now I have to buy a grill? What the hell do I need a grill for if I’m only going to use it once or twice a year?

Luckily, for $5 I can now buy a single-use grill pre-filled with charcoal. Deal — that’s exactly what I need. Too bad I can’t buy this EZGrill, as it’s called, in any nearby stores yet. They’re only available at Winn-Dixie stores at the moment, although online ordering is apparently coming soon. What? Now I have to plan ahead for my impromptu grilling session? Oh well, better than not grilling at all.

And lest you think the concept of a disposable grill is wasteful, the company claims that its product is environmentally-friendly: made from 100% charcoal and housed inside a container made of recyclable aluminum. That’s far more environmentally-friendly than me buying an actual grill, using it three times, and then throwing it out whenever I move next.

The EZ Grill: Portable, Disposable, Charcoal Grill [EZGrill.com via BBG]