Trick for enabling MMS on the iPhone – UPDATE

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scaledmmsA reader, one Mr. Dude dropped this into comments last night and we’re about to try it. Presumably you have to enable tethering and MMS before you begin.

UPDATE – Just go here with your iPhone browser. This enables tethering but we’re still trying to figure out MMS.

u can enable ur MMS settings… just do this….
-take sim out of iphone
-place into old ATT phone w/ MMS capabilities
-make a call or send a message
-check ATT site and see if phone changed
-go to
-with sim still in decoy phone register number on the website
-enter 4 digit passcode in decoy phone
-take sim out and put back into iphone

Clearly what he lacks in capitalization skills he makes up for in tilde usage and it seems like it could work. I can’t find an AT&T phone with MMS in my mess here but can someone give this a whirl?

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