Exclusive Video Demos Of The New Tweetdeck iPhone And Desktop Apps

Earlier today the news broke that TweetDeck, the most popular Twitter desktop client, is coming to the iPhone. I tracked down TweetDeck investor John Borthwick of betaworks at the 140 Characters Conference in New York City.

Sure enough, he has a version of the new TweetDeck app on his iPhone (which just hit the iTunes store). He was kind enough to give me a demo, which I captured with a Flip video camera. He showed how TweetDeck on the iPhone handles different groups (which filter Tweets by followers or topic), as well as most of the other features as well. These include integration with Twitpic and yFrog for uploading pictures, integration with bit.ly (another betaworks company) for shortening links, and a GPS feature which lets you Tweet out your location.

The best feature, though, is if you want to refresh all the columns, you shake the iPhone. Also there is a hidden, undocumented feature which allows you to reorder the columns by simply holding your finger down for five seconds on any column.

Not only that, but TweetDeck is pushing out an entirely new desktop client today as well which will sync with the iPhone app and include a mess of new features, including support for multiple accounts, unlimited columns, tag clouds for each column, recommends followers from a pre-selected group of 300 accounts. I went to TweetDeck CEO Iain Dodsworth’s hotel to get a video of that as well.

I am with him now. A few minutes ago, he received an email from Apple telling him the iPhone app is “ready for sale.” Here is the direct iTunes link to download the iPhone app. I guess all those blog posts sped things up.

Apologies in advance for the less-than-steady camera work and blurry-at-times focus, but this is the first look at the apps. The first video is of the iPhone app, the second one is of the new desktop app.