Dev Team shows off iPhone 3.0 carrier unlock, I make a little water in my pants


Next TuesdayToday the Dev Team will post – but not release – a demo of yellowsn0w running under iPhone 3.0 firmware. NB – This is not a carrier unlock for the iPhone 3G S but for the 3.0 firmware that will appear on Tuesday.

UPDATE – Sorry. Weird day today. Fixed the date. This should also work for the first gen.

On Tuesday evening (just before the big Apple release) we’ll do a live demo of the yellowsn0w carrier unlock working on official 3.0 firmware. The actual link for the feed will be twittered by @MuscleNerd and also placed here when the feed starts. The demo should answer everything you need to know about the new yellowsn0w. But it’s good news for iPhone 3G unlockers everywhere.

Meanwhile, we’re in the middle of testing our PwnageTool and QuickPwn tools, which will work with iTunes 8.2. The jailbreak of course continues to work on 3.0 for all devices it ever worked on, thanks due the Pwnage 2.0 technique released last summer. Our tools will be released no sooner than the Apple release (just in case!).

via Giz