Palm Pre now tether-friendly, depending on your definition of "friendly"


We’re not sure if there’s a direct connection here or not, but here’s the way we saw it: PreDev Wiki opens the floor to anyone looking to discuss tethering the Pre, then nixes the topic at the request of Palm. Just hours later, the first tethering solution has gone up. Coincidence? Did someone get a spark of motivation after the discussion got pushed under the rug? Either way – tethering works!

It’s by no means the most elegant solution ever – but these first ones never are. First you root the Pre, then you SSH, then you solve world hunger, then you set up proxies; it’s messy, but it seems to work. The Pre dev community is already well underway at tearing this thing apart, so it probably won’t be too much longer before a simpler solution pops up – whether Palm/Sprint like it or not.

[Via Engadget Mobile]