Hands-on: Chrome Corsair and Vega utility bags

We jumped on the chance to take a look at two of Chrome’s newest bags: the Corsair and Vega. As Peter Ha told me, Chrome is one of the last true makers of messenger bags. He is rarely right about anything, but this time he was dead-on. These bags are rad.

So what makes these bags so good? Well, for one, they are extremely well made with quality material. The Cordura fabric seems like it will last forever. The straps are lightweight, but also wide enough that they shouldn’t dig into your shoulder even when loaded down.

What I like the best about both of them is that they are lined with a rubber material which should keep the bag’s contents safe from weather. Now, the bags aren’t sealed up as the top is held on with just two straps, but I wouldn’t expect rain or snow to seep through this layer.

Neither bag is very large. Don’t expect to put more than two text books in either. The Vega is really more of a man purse than anything else. It could probably hold your Franklin Covey planner, Kindle DX, and a magazine okay, but don’t expect anything else to fit comfortable. The Corsair is a tad larger, but not much.

Chrome markets these as utility bags and not notebook bags. That’s doesn’t mean you could use them as such. Just be careful. The bags do not have any type of padding. I found that a 13-inch iBook fit in the Vega and the Corsair held a 15.6-inch Asus just fine. I would recommend some sort of notebook sleeve though.

As with any quality item, these come with a price – a high one. But if you need a solid, weather-resistant utility bag, you probably will not mind spending $80 on the Corsair or Vega. I wouldn’t.