CrunchGear's Hipster Awareness Day Contest


Every day a hipster goes shirtless. We at CrunchGear want to remedy that situation. Artist Howard Steenwyk make’s irony-laced t-shirts for the in crowd and would like to share some of his shirts with you all. How do you win?

UPDATE – YOU R WINNAR! Titus, john,Gregoreo,Peyton Manning,Buck

Pop over his site then come back to leave a comment with your favorite shirt style and we’ll send five random winners a coupon code for a free shirt. Although many of you may not be hipsters, it’s important for all of us to stand and be counted in the support and care of the hipster population. After all, it’s summer and their wispy, ineffectual facial hair must be getting itchy.

We’ll close things up on Monday so feel free to keep commenting until noon ET on the 15th. Special thanks to Howard for sponsoring the contest.