Twitter map helps you avoid vacationing Brits

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During the freak UK snow conditions this year, enterprising developer Ben Marsh coded the #uksnow Twitter/Google maps mashup. You simply Tweeted the first half of your postcode and a score out of 10 for the local snow cover e.g.”#uksnow E1 4/10″ and the map showed where the snow was falling. Simple really.

Now Vodafone have contracted Ben to do something similar, this time for their ad campaign around roaming charges, called ukhols Map. People Tweet their postcode, age, sex and where they are going on holiday, and tag it with #ukhols. This then gives us a map of where the Brits are heading for vacation. Which is quite handy really, because now we know where to avoid bumping into binge-drinking Brits.

Then again, if UK Twitter users are now the chattering classes, perhaps this is representative of the elite? In which case the map still may come in handy.

  • andymurd

    That’ll certainly let the burglars know where to look for some rich pickings.

  • Neil Edwards

    Any chance of a link? :)

  • Rogue_Leader

    Any chance of a version that tracks Italians?

  • Engago team

    Avoiding the Brits: should make it a paid service for the other Europeans.

  • Mike Butcher

    Apologies for the oversight, have now added the link to the actual site: One day I might be a decent blogger, sheesh….

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