On the future of the Moxi HD DVR – with a poll

management_ggudorfI had a long talk with Digeo’s CEO, Greg Gudorf, about the future of the Moxi HD DVR. It became clear to me right away that we saw the DVR differently. He, and presumably his company, views the Moxi HD DVR as an organic device which will grow and improve overtime. I however see it as a device that was brought to market before it was complete and feel early users are really beta testers that spent $800 for that privilege.

He brought up in our 45 minute conversation that there will be an update coming this summer that will address some of the usability concerns that annoyed the hell out of me in my review. No longer will you have to confirm twice that you want to watch a program on the guide. Other small issues will be addressed, but I’m hoping this update will pave way for more built-in apps including one for viewing online media.

Gudorf indicated that they are working on a true online media app instead of relying on the lackluster PlayOn DLNA service. He didn’t seem to agree when I mentioned that Hulu would be the TiVo-killing app. But maybe I’m wrong so I’m asking all of you.