EchoStar ordered to pay TiVo $103 million

tivo_logoDeja Vu? Yeah, EchoStar paid TiVo over a $100 million a couple of years ago for infringing on TiVo‘s DVR patents. But it seems that EchoStar didn’t follow the court’s orders to disabling all the Dish DVRs that infringed on TiVo’s patent. Now they have to pay.

Instead of disabling the DVRs, EchoStar uploaded a new OS onto them, which, according to this judge, isn’t what they were ordered to do. The company had an option to modify the original judgement to include that option, but they didn’t file for the change. Now EchoStar was ordered to pay TiVo $103 million. That figure could reach $190 million once interest is tacked on. Well, if you can’t pay, don’t play.