You really don't need the ‘luxurious” Mobiado 350 PRL


Unless you’re the owner of Manchester City—let’s face it, what are the odds he reads us?—you cannot afford this phone. It’s from Mobiado, and it’s called the 350 PRL. It’s one of those “luxury” phones, but we can only assume that’s because of the materials and construction process and not the specs.

Why’s that? Does a 3.2-megapixel camera seem like something only the rich would have access to? Or a 2.5-inch display? What about a “dedicated e-mail key”? It seems pretty standard-issue for any off-the-shelf GSM phone.

So, what makes it so “luxurious”? Probably the bits of “sapphire crystal” that’s baked in there. And apparently the screen that I derided mere moments ago is “ruby infrared.”

Again, as is the case with these “luxury” phones, this is more just to poke fun. The everyday person should be cool with a BlackBerry or iPhone or whatever.

Don’t loose sleep over these phones.