Garmin-Asus: Expect an Android-powered device next year


Garmin-Asus is getting real good at announcing products. The original Nuvifone was announced almost a year and a half ago. Then, just a few months ago, they announced the smaller version called the M20 and renamed the original as the G60. Now, the joint venture company is saying that we can expect an Android-powered smartphone sometime next year. Great, but we’re still waiting for the phones that are already announced. How about focusing on bringing those to market, eh?

Details about the upcoming Android model haven’t been released. We don’t know anything about it besides that the company is working on it. But this phone, and the other upcoming models, better pack some impressive GPS capability if the company expects the phones to be successful. The GPS stack within mobile devices are constantly being upgraded, and now TeleNav offers their turn-by-turn software for nearly every platform. (Android review here) All this means less available market for a Garmin-branded phone.