Don't Watch This: Newest Twitter Worm "Best Video" Is Spreading

Warning: It appears that a worm has hit Twitter-the tweet will say “Best Video” with a link to “” If you see this in a tweet, do not click on the link. It’s unclear exactly how the worm is spreading. But from the look of Tweets about the virus, if you click on the link, you account could be compromised and spammed.

According to reports on Twitter, users who clicked the video link had their account compromised and passwords stolen. Further details about the virus are limited but Twitter’s official spam account was updated this morning stating that Twitter is aware of the issue and making steps to resolve the virus. The Tweet also warned users to not click the Best Video link.

This isn’t the first worm to hit Twitter. In early April, Twitter’s service was infected with a worm that appeared to have originated from the owners of the website StalkDaily. This week, Twitter was hit with a “Twittercut” worm, which also compromised users’ accounts if they clicked on a link.

UPDATE: Twitter has posted the following update to its status page stating that the site is aware of the virus:

No matter how good that “best video” looks, don’t go to any domains. We’re aware of the situation and are working on it.

UPDATE 2: Twitter has also noted that they’ve temporarily suspended some legit accounts to clean up the spam. Again, this is just temporary for the real accounts that were spreading the worm.