Finally! Verizon announces new Storm software


Well, it’s about time! After a few missteps, Verizon has finally gotten their act together and managed to get a much needed software update for the Blackberry Storm through testing. Right now, it’s still unknown what the soon-to-be released software will do for all you patient Storm owners out there, but what we do know is when you can get your mitts on it: you can download it directly from RIM this Sunday, May 31 at 3 PM sharp. For those of you who are a little less motivated, it’ll be available as an OTA update starting at 10 PM that same night.

For all the good it’s bound to do, it’s puzzling that no one has let slip what this will fix. Storm owners, what do you want to see taken care of before you ditch your trusty handset for a Storm 2?

EDIT: Not minutes after this was posted, one of BGR’s trusted ninjas came through with the change log. Take a look after the jump!