SplitFish's FPS-specific Dual SFX Frag Pro will be at E3 next week


E3 starts next week, and while I’ll be celebrating by, I don’t know, listening to Ron and Fez all day long, Peter, Devin, and Greg will be rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Adam Sessler and the girl who used to host “Cheat.” One thing the guys might run into in between chatting up G4 production assistants: SplitFish‘s new controllers, the Dual SFX Evolution and Dual SFX Frag Pro. Both are for the PS3.

The SFX Frag Pro, as the name suggests, is primarily for first-person shooters. It’s said to provide “PC-like” accuracy—I’ll let resident PC gamer Devin be the judge of that.

In other news, I’m all nerves watching the Champions League final. Now I know why people drink during big games: to numb the nerves!