NileGuide Unveils iPhone App For Customized Travel Guides

NileGuide, one-stop travel planning site, has launched an iPhone app for its travel guide and planning portal. The startup, which lets you create a customized trip itinerary, will now let users view the customized guides they create on Nile’s site on their iPhones.

Users can browse all the descriptions and map locations of events, restaurants, hotels, bars and landmarks that are scheduled in their trips and see their day by day itinerary. The app also lets any user, regardless of whether they have made a NileGuide itinerary, see suggested trip itineraries near their current location for any of Nile’s destinations around the world. The guides are displayed in order of user rating and are also classified by type of trip, such as first-time, kid-friendly, off the beaten path, etc.

NileGuide’s website has more functionality, including the ability to see CitySearch reviews of restaurants and to book flights and car rentals from Expedia, Priceline and other sites, but have not added this to the app. This is understandable, considering the popularity of CitySearch and Yelp’s apps, which NileGuide couldn’t compete with. Expedia has a similar iPhone app that lets you access your trip itinerary but doesn’t let you access event or restaurant listings. Travel Tracker is another useful itinerary iPhone app that’s built off of TripIt’s itinerary platform.