'Moto Horn' is not a new Motorola phone — it's much, much, much cooler

Of all the times I’ve longed to go back to 1987, this might be one of the stronger nostalgic chin-quivers I’ve felt in quite some time. I’d totally bring this Moto Horn back in my time machine and haul ass through the neighborhood on my Huffy, giving each passerby a quick shot of sweet motorcycle revving sound effects emanating from my handlebars. I’d be treated to a nice, hearty “Vroom! Vroom!” but everyone else would only hear a single “Vroom!” as I’d be much too far away by the time the second one hit the open air.

According to the product page, the “Moto Horn is an exact replica of the deafening spring-loaded noisemaker coveted by every bike-loving kid back in the 70s.” Is this true?! I only witnessed the last 3/4 of 1979 and I don’t remember having a dirt bike as an infant. Did anyone out there have one of these? Was it awesome or super awesome?

Now for the bad news. It looks like this thing is only available in the UK. Do kids ride bikes in the UK? I sure hope so. Luckily, thanks to the magic of the internet and international shipping conglomerates, you can indeed order this from the UK and have it delivered to the US.

Surely a product of this magnitude must cost thousands of dollars, right? It’s only $9.50! It’s only $9.50! Let’s all get dirt bikes again! Check out the above video for 11 seconds of pure aural mayhem.

Moto Horn [Firebox.com via Random Good Stuff]