Amazon Web Services Launches Import/Export Feature

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Amazon Web Services just launched the beta version of Import/Export, a feature that lets users move large amounts of data into and out of AWS using portable storage devices for transport. AWS will transfer large data sets into Amazon S3 faster using Amazon’s high-speed internal network and bypassing the Internet. Amazon says that AWS Import/Export can often be faster than the internet for large data sets and more cost effective than upgrading a user’s connectivity.

The Import/Export feature, which costs $80.00 per storage device and $2.49 per data-loading-hour (Partial data-loading-hours are billed as full hours), can be used for data migration, offsite backup, direct data interchange (you can have data sent from outside sources directly to AWS to be imported into S3 buckets), and disaster recovery, which can be used when a business needs a large backup stored in Amazon S3 and can use AWS Import/Export to transfer the data to a portable storage device and deliver it to your site.

Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, writes in a blog post that enterprises are steadily processing more and more data and Amazon’s new feature helps businesses to handle the challenges of these large data sets. Vogels also included a chart to show the time it takes to move large data sets over the internet:

AWS also recently unveiled a suite of new and useful features for Amazon EC2 which will help users monitor cloud capacity, scale on demand, and spread incoming traffic across multiple web servers.

  • Matthew Small

    We’ve used this and it works great. 3.5 TB Up, ~50 TB Down once we’re done processing.

  • Milo

    Dealing with Amazon web services was disappointing. Their sales team would quickly confirm they can do all these things especially those related to security and single sign-on, and discussion go deep, they incompetency is exposed.

    They are not ready for large enterprise scale services.

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    We are so glad Amazon made initial data transfer even simpler. No longer you have to wait weeks before you initial backup completes. Hopefully this will make the tools like CloudBerry Backup for S3 even more appealing. The only thing I would recommend to Amazon is not to require customers to sign up to yet another service but to make it a part of Amazon S3. Besides, make it possible track import status using REST API, now you can only track it by sending emails.

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