Video: Dell teases Android on Mini 10v

If you’re considering a Dell netbook, particularly one from the Mini 10v line, you’d be woefully remiss to assume that it can only run Windows. Dell Technology Strategist Doug Anson (his name sounds like my name but a little different!) takes us all on a 2:12 visual joyride of the Mini 10v running Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and — GASP! — Android .

So will Dell offer Android as an option on future netbook lines? Who knows. It’s certainly possible, though, that much is certain. That Ubuntu Netbook Remix looks pretty nice, too. The Mini 10v line is currently offered in both Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.04 Standard versions.

For what it’s worth, the Mini 10v in the video is running the Cupcake version of Android.

[via Pocket-lint]