Softbank's cell phone lineup for this summer (part 2: Armani and other models)

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SoftBank today not only announced six new cell phones made by Sharp but also nine other models from companies such as NEC, Panasonic, Samsung and Armani (well, the Armani handset is really made by Samsung). The carrier will start rolling out the handsets between May and October this year.

Here is the rest of the SoftBank summer 2009 line-up (all models that are not made by Sharp):


NEC 931N

(Wi-Fi cell-phone featuring a maximum performance of 54MBps, a rotating 3-inch touch screen and a 8MP camera)


NEC 930N

(featuring a super-slim body (13.9mm) and a 8MP camera)


NEC 831N

(easy-to-use handset with earth quake information function)


Panasonic 931P

(VIERA handset with a 3.1-inch WVGA display and a 8.1MP camera)


Panasonic 832P

(business handset with a 10mm-body and global roaming function)


OMNIA POP Samsung 931SC

(compact handset with 3.1-inch WVGA display and 5.1MP AF camera)


Samsung 740SC

(easy-to-use handset made for worldwide distribution)


SoftBank 830SC EMPORIO ARMANI by Samsung

(Samsung phone designed by Armani)


Toshiba 832T

(extra-simple handset with trimmed-down functionality and three one-touch-dial buttons)

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